Periodic Table Chemistry 4

for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV

Modern Technologies

Optimized for iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS 6 and tvOS.

New look for your new Periodic Table. Enable Dark Mode during night study sessions. It’s designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes.

Elegant new design

Beautiful Periodic Table. The app has been completely rebuild - with a timeless new design, delightful interactions, and powerful new features.

Powerful new features

· Quick Search

· Chemical Trends

· Electron Shell

· Smart Zoom

· 3D Touch

· Split View

· Slide Over

Useful information

Fundamental Information: name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, electronic configuration.

Advanced Information: thermodynamic properties, material properties, electromagnetic properties, reactivity, atomic properties and radioactivity properties.

3D Elements

Explore all Elements in 3D, or display virtual elements with AR. Incredible detailed rendering and photorealistic materials.

Get snapshots of the AR Elements using your camera, or export as USDZ format.


Use ElementCard to export as image to others apps like Pages or Word, or print them directly.

*ElementCard is an in-app purchase.

AR Features

Display virtual 3D Elements with AR - move, rotate or zoom all 3D objects.

Or you can also scan the printed ElementCard using your camera.

Apple Watch

· Complete Periodic Table

· Independent watchOS app

· Fundamental and advanced information of each element

· Quick Search with Scribble or dictation

· Electron Shell

· ElementCard


Periodic Table Chemistry 4 optimized for macOS Catalina.

· Dark Mode

· 3D Elements


· ElementCard

· Render Export

· Quick Search

· Smart Zoom

· Full-Screen


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Periodic Table Chemistry 4

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