Periodic Table Chemistry 4

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About This Beta

Periodic Table Chemistry 4 runs on Mac, Universal iOS, watchOS (Coming Soon by TestFlight). You must be running these minimum Operating Systems to participate:
· macOS +10.14 (Mojave)
· Universal iOS +12 (Coming Soon by TestFlight)
· watchOS +5 (Coming Soon by TestFlight)

A warning before you start

By the time a build reaches beta, we expect it to be quite stable - but there is always the possibility that bad bugs can slip through. You could experience anything from minor inconveniences to serious data loss. Please consider this risk before installing version of Periodic Table Chemistry 4.

Non-Disclosure (Limited To Discretion)

This beta is Public, but We appreciate your discretion as a participant in our beta program. While some beta releases won't look any different from the current public releases, there may from time to time be updates which contain changes to the user interface or entirely new features.

Please do not to share any information about the beta publicly without our permission by email (except as may be permitted by law), please write us. This includes sharing screenshoots, blogging or otherwise disclosing information about our in-progress development.

Usage BETA version

Use ONLY for BETA TESTING, evaluation, personal learning, student usage, experimentation and research. INDIVIDUAL USE, NOT APROPRIATE FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OR EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION. NOT FOR RESALE.

After a final round of beta testing, and when Periodic Table Chemistry 4 is officially released, you can get a license on App Store, Mac App Store or Setapp.

Property of MacProton · Periodic Table Chemistry 4

Thank You!

The stability of our software is very important to us, and to the wider community of Periodic Table Chemistry users around the world -we really appreciate your help!

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Version: 4.0 Built: Beta 2

( Updated: December 2, 2018 )

Requires any Mac Early 2013 or Newer with 64-bit processor
and macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later


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